Monday, April 5, 2010

Prairie Points Skirt - for a budget mom

So there are a couple things us mom's are always looking for; one is that we love to have a cute outfit - either for ourselves :) or for our children - the other is the lower the cost the better (I think that's why we love sales so much). I even find myself purchasing items that are so cheap I can't resist, even if I know there is nothing I can think of to use the item for (anything under $2 is usually going to be bought). So what I have today is a cute cowgirl skirt I made for my daughter for only $2.50 and a little bit of easy work.

This is my finished product

Now we move on to the steps. First I bought a skirt from the second hand store (this particular one only cost me $1.50), and a pink handkerchief from a craft store (only $1)
The skirt I was using had a trim on the bottom that I definitely did not need (or like) - so the first thing I did was cut that off. Then I cut my handkerchief into a 16in block and then into 16 4in blocks. Because I wanted as much design in the fabric as possible, I cut equally around the border of the handkerchief to make the 16in

To make the Prairie Points I folded the 4 in blocks diagonally into a triangle (then ironed), then folded that triangle in half to make a smaller triangle (also ironing) - kinda like when my children make paper snowflakes

Then each triangle was placed into another triangle slightly (I used the halfway as my marking point) until it was long enough to go around my skirt bottom. I had 16 would be prairie points and only had to use 14 of them.

I then sewed my prairie points all around the bottom of the skirt, with the points facing the waist. I used a 1/4in strait stitch on my machine, then a zig zag stitch around the edges.

The finishing step was to flip my prairie points down so the points were facing opposite the waist. I ironed the prairie points down and sewed a scant 1/4in stitch. So here is the finished skirt again.

This was easy, fun, and cheap! And my daughter will look adorable in it. For another option I may even applique a pink cowgirl boot on the skirt. Hope you guys have fun making one as well.

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Plain Ol' Vanilla said...

Very cute idea, Glenda!