Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The BIG Tote

There are two things you should know about me. First, I get attached quite easily to stuff. Second, when I am attached to something - I never get rid of it.

Well, I am blessed to have a BIG tote of fabric that belonged to my Great-Grandmother before she passed away (she was probably my biggest influence in becoming a quilter). And I have been so attached to this fabric over the years, that even though there is no fabric that I have ever seen in it that I especially liked; I have kept it and carried it with me through several moves (my husband has never said anything about it, but sometimes he looks like he is mentally scratching his head "why").

So a couple weeks ago I had one of my best friends visiting me (it is nice to have adult interaction once in awhile :). We ended up in the garage and she asked me "what is in this BIG tote?" I told her all about it and asked if she wanted to go through it with me. Maybe since I had never found anything to use from it, I could let her have some fabric she may use, while I lessen the amount of stuff I have cluttering my garage. Sounded pretty good in my mind.

We both grabbed a side and off we went inside the house. Sure enough, she liked a lot of the fabric - and the pile of stuff she was making for herself didn't seem like it would end. Meanwhile as she was talking about why she liked these fabrics, I was realizing I also liked them - this was not good.

Her smile kept growing, my heart kept sinking. What was I to do? I realized not only was I attached, and not only had I been carrying this with me for several years, but this was the same fabric my Great-Grandma would use when she made quilts for my family.

Now I usually don't like loud crying from kids, but as hers began crying - I began smiling (on the inside). She got up - like all mothers do - to make sure everything was OK; and that big pile she had made was put right back into my tote. I did however leave her a two yard piece of strawberry printed fabric.

She came back, and the lid was on my tote. She looked at her pile (it was quite a bit different) and you could see the wheels turning in her head. She wasn't really confused; she seemed to understand what had happened, and was OK with it. We all have those things we can't let go of - maybe I just have more than most.

Either way, I no longer wanted to just keep this fabric in a tote - and I decided to make 12 quilts for a local ministry that houses those who need homes while they get on their feet. I know Great-Grandma would approve. Thank you Elisha for being understanding.


dace design said...

I think it is good to let things be used and realize that things are just things - they are so passing... :)

Anonymous said...

Your Great Grandmother is so proud of you right now. She is sitting in heaven with her hand to her heart so happy that you have such a beautiful and giving soul.

Love your blog.

Grace said...

What a sweet story. :) I've had times like that too.

Shiny Go Lucky said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend. :)

I think I understand how you feel - some of my grandmother's jewelry was mistakenly almost sold at a yard sale for 50 cents - the price of the trinket box it was in (thank goodness a very honest woman brought the jewelry back). I was so upset thought I might lose my mind!

It sounds like you have found a wonderful use for this very special fabric. I think your Great-Grandma would be proud!

Although if it were me, I would probably keep a quilt or two for myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog! I will be following:) I found you via your Etsy post!

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randi---i have to say said...

How awesome! And i agree that your grandma would probably love this idea!

Nichole said...

lol! That's funny, but great! I'd love to see what you'll do with this special fabric.