Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day

Hello, I just wanted to let everybody know that I am running a Mother's Day sale on my Etsy store (all items will be shipped free). So if any of you know a mom to be or you are a mom to be, come check it out.

One Mothers Day

I can remember when I was much younger and I knew Mothers Day was coming up soon. I had to think of something perfect because mom is so special to me.

As a little girl, I knew that all girls like flowers, and hearts, and pretty designs. So I took a piece of paper and drew all that I could imagine on it (although my skill of drawing at the time was that of a little kid). But that wasn't enough, I also had to tell mom how much she meant to me. So I took another piece of paper, and filled it with "I love You Mom". I loved both sheets of paper, but it really wasn't much of a gift (it was just two sheets of paper). So I got creative - I took the two sheets of paper and filled them with Kleenex, and stapled the border all the way around. Perfect, a pillow that I knew my mom would love; and it would look so beautiful on her bed.

I gave it to mom and she was just as happy to get it as I thought she would be :) I don't think my mom ever slept on it, and I don't remember it ever being on her bed - but, she still had it in her hope chest the last time I was looking in it.


ArtistiKat said...

sweet story! Welcome to the Saturday blog shoppers!

Lolo said...

I was truly blessed by that story. My mom has gone on hme to be with the Lord 4 years this year, but it made me realize how much she meant to me.
Welcome to the Saturday Blog Shopper's Family.

New Beginnings Ink said...

Isn't it just so sweet what mother's keep? I have a big box full of little things that others may think are silly, but my babies made them and I can't imagine ever parting with them!