Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Photos

It has been too long since we have had some family pictures taken - well, we finally got the much needed photos taken. They came out great (at least I think so) and even better, we all enjoyed doing it. I also have to admit that it was nice to take pics of the whole family and not just the kids. But, as it often happens, not all the kids would smile at the same time (even when we told them that we would go to McDonald's after-wards for a treat). We even tried telling them to say "ice cream". All the hard work paid off :)

And just for fun the ones that will make it on my blog, but never on my wall....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It was a great summer! So to fill you in on what has been happening... to start, my mom and I took a trip to Kansas with the kids to visit (my) grandparents. We had a great time. They live on a farm, so the kids got to run and play with their dogs the whole time.

We shot off fire works.

Eliana had her first 4 wheeling ride

And then vacation was over... but not the fun.

The kids got to go on a "wonder walk" at our church to see all the things God made.

We went swimming, and to the park weekly.

Can you ever have to many floaties...

mainly we just enjoyed time with our families.

So how about you? what did you do this summer?