Friday, April 30, 2010

Life today

So this is really exciting for me. A picture of one of my reversible baby dresses was posted on another blog Sweetie-Scraps :)

Other than that, we are in the last three weeks of this homeschool year! I can't wait for summer break. In AWANA's the kids received awards for their last night (I have a Sparky and a Cubbie). At the award ceremony I was amazed how many awards some of the children received; they must have been working all year long on the AWANA homework. My kids... well they just got the award they give to everybody; but that's OK, they have had a lot of fun this year.

I also have a little frustration this week - I was quilting for a friend and my sewing machine broke - I don't have much fixing skill (and neither does my husband) so I found myself trying to fix the sewing machine with my high heels - as you can imagine that didn't work out. Today I will be taking it to the shop, and hopefully I'll be back to quilting in no time.

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