Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jungle Safari pt1

Awhile ago I posted that I was making 2 quilts, 2 curtains for my sister in-law. I had planned on posting pictures right away... but it took a little longer to finish than I had planned on, and just about the time I did finish - my camera fell in the river :(

So here I am, I did get a new camera, and I am going to post about these items I made (one at a time) and hopefully you guys enjoy them.

When my sister in-law asked me to do this for her she wanted a jungle theme for her kids - so these next few blog posts are an invitation to come on a jungle safari.
The first animal we will see today is the pillow.

The male of this species is referred to as "Brandon". And even from behind you can spot the male because of his bright orange marking.

The female is referred to as "Kinsey". She can be spotted from behind as well by her pink marking.

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