Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BIG Mess

What a day!

A friend had given me some fabric as a gift (she also blogs check it out) and I was figuring out what to do with it. I thought a tote bag would be a great idea, both because they come in so handy and because I hadn't made one before. So I was online looking at tote-bags (for inspiration and instruction) while the kids where playing happily in their room :) ...Well i thought they where playing... but when I went to check on them (as we mothers do periodically - because silence isn't always a good thing) what I found was one incredibly BIG mess. Pictures can show you what I mean better than I can describe, but looking on the ground I could already see the evidence of something I knew I wouldn't like:

They had gotten into the baby powder and dumped it out all over the whole room (and the air, and themselves).

It looked liked a big white cloud.

But they where very pleased with them self.



So my sewing and research had to be put on hold (note to self: have kids in eye view at all times). And I had to begin the clean up to this Big mess and give baths.

All Clean!!!

At least the whole house smells very clean and powdery.


Anonymous said...

Cute... :)

Sweetie-Scraps said...

Hahahaha! They are soooooooo cute! Those messes make some of the best memories!
xoxo, Cheryl