Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Found Her

Well I lost Eliana today.
(and yes you can looses a child in your own house)

I was getting the boys ready for church today, and turned around to - no Eliana. So (with the help from the boys) we started looking around the house. Any parent knows that kids usually hide in obvious places - and when there not in those obvious places, you can just follower
the giggles:) But, today there was no giggles to follow.

We checked the whole house - and still no Eliana. At this point I was becoming very nervous - and late for church.

On checking her room for the 3rd time I saw a white diaper!

And out popped little miss Eliana.

And how did she get up there you ask?... From this big elephant.

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Sweetie-Scraps said...

Oh my gosh! The scariest moments in parenting, followed by the cutest! What a little stinker! My friend and I were panicked searching for her little boy one day. Scared us both to death! We finally found him....he had hidden in a linen closet upstairs and fell asleep. Wheeewwww. Kids!