Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It was a long night last night. The whole family was at the hospital all night with our son Noah.

It all started about 9:00pm. Noah had shoved one of his hearing aid batteries in his ear canal (I have no idea why children do so many ridiculous things). So we loaded up the sleeping kids and drove to the ER here in our town. And to our surprise, they made it worse and even caused his ear to bleed. At one point Noah's reaction prompted us to ask the doctor if he may have broken the eardrum; his response was that he couldn't see behind the battery (wasn't comforting at all). The doctor's suggestion was then that we could wait until the next day to take him to his ear doctor or he could give Noah ketamine (horse tranquilizer) and try again- we said no thanks.

By the time we were leaving this ER it was about 1:00am. But because not only was the battery still in his ear, we were now concerned this Dr. may have caused damage to our son's eardrum. So we drove to the closest Children's hospital (about an hour away). We had a long wait (as all ER's do), but the Dr. there had no problems and removed the battery in 10 sec or so. We had told them of the experience at the previous ER - so the first thing they did when the battery was removed was to check the eardrum. Praise God as far as they could see there was no permanent damage; there was a big scratch down the ear canal from the other doctor, but he didn't break the eardrum.

Anyway; by the time we were finally home, it was 7:30am. We were all very tired and extremely happy to get some sleep after it was all said and done.


Grace said...

Wow! What an experience. I'm so glad your son is alright and that the second doctor was able to fix the problem.



Alison said...

Oh, dear. Another horror story from our hospital :-(. Sorry you had to go through that but very thankful he is a-OK! I didn't know there was a Children's Hospital closer...always thought the closest was in Denver.

randi said...

oh my gosh! just another testament to our junky hospital! glad your little guy is OK. I just love how he looks so ready to tackle life in that picture! :)