Monday, December 13, 2010

Down It Came

So I somewhat naively thought that letting the children see the tree all lit up last night would keep them from touching it out of curiosity... well, you guessed it - Miss Eliana could not resist the snowman with all its bright colors.

From holding it, to mom saying not to, to her letting go completely; down it came - braking all over the floor.

So the crafty mother that I am, I came up with a solution. The snowman had not broke, only the bulb around it (thank goodness, it was a gift). So I super glued the snowman to the inside of a mason jar, poked a hole in the lid, pushed in the lights that make the different colors, twisted it on, and vwala...

Snowman back in business :) I did however make sure he was placed farther back in the tree this time - away from where Eliana can reach.

1 comment:

Pam in Colorado said...

You definitely are very clever. Glad it worked out.

We've lost one ornament (foam thank goodness) to one of our dogs. They pulled it off the tree and took it outside to chew it apart.

Oh well.