Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blue Skys

Well I just finished a quilt for my mother in-law's best friend. She is leaving to start deputation with her husband and family (they will be missionaries in Germany). So my mother-in-law wanted to give her a very special gift that she could remember her as they travel to all the different churches seeking support. Is so happened that she thought one of my quilts would be perfect. I was happy and honored to help out (plus I got free range to do whatever I wanted). The only request was that it have blue in it.

I had a month to work on it, but with it being summer, I didn't start it until a week before she needed it. With getting all the school stuff out, planing a birthday party for our son, and daily life - it took the whole week.

So here it is - it came out beautiful don't you think?

The Front

The Back

Up Close

Keep in prayer the people of Germany, that they would come to know Jesus, that they would live for him, and that God would use faithful servants to proclaim His truth.


Alison said...

Beautiful quilt!

Glenda said...

Thank you Alison :)

reneek said...

I like the design.